The theatrical show for summer 2024 (in French)

This is the trial of Joan of Arc. Questioned by an assembly of clerics and theologians about her life and motivations, she evokes the voices that speak to her or the fairy tree in her village, she recounts the highlights of her epic, she appears arrogant at times and won't give up wearing men's clothes or refute her visions. All those elements will contribute to charge her with heresy and witchcraft. Set in the centuries-old stones of the ruins of Villers Abbey, this story will echo the ruggedness of the Middle Ages, allowing for a realistic, austere setting. A stripped-down scenography will favor raw materials and the lights will be brought in by the flames of candles, braziers, candelabras and of course the stake.

After G.B. Shaw and the minutes of the trial.

Staging: Hélène Theunissen

With Laura Fautré, Bruno Georis, Denis Carpentier, Didier Colfs, Cédric Cerbara, Marc De Roy, Maxime Anselin, Olivier Francart, Simon Lombard, Jonas Jans, Romain Mathelart, ...

Produced by Patrick de Longrée and Rinus Vanelslander.

Practical information

  • From July 11, 2024
  • Tuesday to Saturday at 9pm

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From July 11, 2024


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