Classic Legends

Initiated at the Royal Albert Hall (London), taken on and adapted by Grand Opera Productions, Classic Legends is THE major concert-show devoted to some of the most beautiful classical music.

The “Grand Symphonique”, prestigious company of 60 musicians, accompanied by the choir of the Ukrainian National Opera and international soloists, will ensure you experience an exceptional evening.

The melodies selected are for the most part very well known, very popular and have been performed by some of the world’s leading artists: these include Nessun Dorma by Pavarotti, Carmen by Elina Garranca, and even Madame Butterfly by Maria Callas. But we will also discover some gems, such as “Melody” by the Ukrainian composer Myroslav Skoryk, which will be performed on our stage by Bogdana Pivnenko, the “Ukrainian Paganini”!

Why “Legends”? Because, in addition to the fact that the tunes selected are among some of the most remarkable in terms of their musical character, the creators were keen to pair the concert with lighting, lasers, and fireworks, transforming this concert into a veritable spectacle!

And a brief presentation will place the focus on the history and particularities of several of the pieces performed.

More than 80 artists, unique melodies that are transcended by the lights..... imagine it !

Classic Legends? U are going to love it! Classic Legends ? You will love it!

Our guests :

  • Mrs Ksenyia Bakhiritdinova, Soprano, Kyiv national Opera
  • Mr Alexei Brontanovich, Tenor
  • Mr Sergii Zamytskyi, Bass, Kharkiv national Opera
  • Mrs Albina Contancia, Mezz