Reopening of the Abbey. Take advantage of our special offer

On the occasion of its reopening on May 18, the Abbey has a special offer for its visitors: (re)discover - at no additional cost - this heritage and resourcing site with original visiting tools for all ages: an observation game for the youngest, a criminal investigation for teenagers, meditation stations for all and its new rose timeline for flower lovers. 

NEW. A timeline… of old roses  (only in French) 

Lovers of roses discover on the outdoors timeline varieties of old roses. What do we mean by old roses? Any variety of rose belonging to groups existing before 1914. The varieties of old roses originate from wild roses from here and elsewhere. Already in ancient times, roses from the Middle East were crossed with roses from Europe. Then, in the 18th and 19th centuries, the Chinese roses were introduced in Europe. And finally, in the last years of the 19th century, introductions from Japan created new groups. 

During this journey through time, the visitor can discover the history of the Apothecary’s rose still used in medicine today or the Dom Placide rose, created recently in memory of the last monk of the abbey. The rose trail continues in the Garden of the Abbot’s Palace with more than a hundred contemporary varieties.

A game book where the child is the guide  

With the "Moi, Radulphe" game book (free instead of € 1), the usual roles are reversed! It is the child who guides the adult in the medieval part of the Abbey, in the company of the monk Radulphe. This imaginary character from the Middle Ages accompanies the children throughout the journey. Radulphe entrusts them with a mission: to solve an enigma. To do this, children must pass a series of observation and deduction tests. The game lasts about an hour and a half.  

A ‘whodunit’ for teenagers (only in French en soon in Dutch) 

"Murder at the Abbey" invites children (from 10 years old) and adolescents to investigate the suspicious death of a young woman whose body was found on the site. Armed with their investigative notebook, the teens roam the Abbey in every corner, interrogate the monks and gather clues to resolve the investigation. 

A park with colourful gardens 

The visit takes place in an enchanting architectural and historic place with 30 hectares of colourful gardens and alleys. From the hill where the little 2 Skyros horses of the abbey graze, the 360° panoramic view is breath-taking. Paths are accessible for scooters, small bikes and strollers.

Secrets of the Garden with Medicinal Plants 

A leaflet describes the plants of the Medicinal Herbs Garden, an evocation of a monastic medicinal garden of the Middle Ages. 

Stations to meditate 

For those looking for a place to relax, the Meditative Path offers 8 stations coupled with audio capsules downloadable from the Abbey website: Each station invites you to discover one of the attitudes of mindfulness mediation practice. Participants can buy the book (€ 2 €) which includes the 8 facets of mindfulness meditation as well as ad hoc exercises which they can also practice at home. 


special offer valid while stocks last. 

Opening times: daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Prices (access to the Abbey + Radulphe game book, criminal investigation notebook, medicinal plants in the Medicinal Herbs Garden and rose timeline included): adults € 9, seniors, students € 6, children (6-12 years) € 4 

We strongly recommend buying your entry tickets online.  

Guided tours are currently suspended. 

Don’t forget: take a pencil or pen to complete the game books.