The Film Music Gala

Zimmer, Williams, Morricone and others.

Celebrating the incomparable music of the great film classics, from “Doctor Zhivago” to “Out of Africa”, but also a new generation of composers, brilliantly writing scores such as “Maze Runner”, “The Avengers” and even “Lord of the Rings”, the “Film Music Gala” will take you on a magical journey with the “Grand Symphonique” and its 60 musicians!

These composers are now very well known… John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricone enjoy immense notoriety, but the golden age of Hollywood has allowed a number of them to garner great acclaim… we’re thinking of Maurice Jarre (Doctor Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia…), John Barry (Goldfinger, Thunderball, Out of Africa…) and even Henry Mancini (The Pink Panther, Peter Gunn…) and let’s not forget Michel Legrand, whose meteoric career on both sides of the Atlantic made him a worldwide star!

Experience these unforgettable melodies, that will move you to your core, in the spectacular setting of Villers Abbey!

An exceptional, brilliant evening, with a unique atmosphere, romantic and adventurous!