Give yourself a wellness break at the Abbey!

4 days to recharge your batteries and relax.

In a society where the frantic rush of everyday life leaves little room for breaks, it's becoming essential to find moments to slow down and recharge. With this in mind, Abbaye de Villers is offering 4 Wellness days in a setting that is both magical and rejuvenating.

Each day will be unique and include four workshops to provide you with a rich and diverse experience at the heart of the Abbey.

  • May 17: FLORAISON
  • September 27: SLOWING DOWN
  • November 8: SOFTNESS


Sylvotherapy: The forest shower is a sensory immersion in nature. It allows you to connect with the trees, your inner source and enjoy the benefits of nature. Through guided exercises, you'll be invited to breathe more deeply, slow your pace and recharge your batteries.

A workshop led by Sophie Popleu aka Soélou, sylvopratician and storyteller. Immersing herself in nature on a daily basis, marvelling at it and drawing luminous strength from the trees, has become essential to her.

Art workshop: Let yourself be surprised by the magic of mixed media and create your own artist's card step by step. Using simple processes (acrylics, oil pastels, collage, writing), settle into your own bubble and unleash your creativity.

Facilitated by Geneviève Claes, artist trained in a variety of artistic techniques and art workshop leader at the Abbaye.

You don't need to know how to draw or write to take part.

Kinesiology: Explore the energy pathways in your body, and discover how to boost and balance your emotions and well-being potential. What if you listened to what your body was whispering to you?

Facilitated by Bastiane Meurice, cultural mediator at the Abbey, kinesiologist and practitioner of Toucher Massage Mieux-Être.

Meditation: More often than not, we spend our time running around like "a headless chicken"! Are we capable of stopping, even for a short while? Why not right here, right now? Inspired by the themes announced, we'll explore some mindfulness meditation practices.

Facilitated by Anne Burette, historian at the Abbey, certified MBSR mindfulness meditation coach and Peter Hess sound massage practitioner (singing bowls).

Practical information

Registration is valid for the full day.

Each workshop lasts 1 hour (15 pers. max. per workshop)

Workshops take place partly outdoors. Please dress for the weather.

The workshops are partly held outdoors.

Schedule: 9am-5pm

Price: €75 for the day. Entrance to the Abbey and lunch are included in the price.

On reservation


Several dates, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Abbey site and mill


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