In his humorous one-man show "La musique, ma mère!", Etienne S. offers audiences a completely original musical-theatrical cocktail, a fusion of stand-up and groove, with improbable instruments from every continent.

From Bamako to Caracas, via Brussels and Montreal, follow him on an atypical journey that reflects his country of origin: surreal!

His mother's son

He could have become a pianist, he preferred maracas. He could have gone on to higher education, he chose the Ecole Nationale de l'Humour de Montréal. In short: the perfect career path to make a mother proud (or not)! While his mother was probably worried sick about her offspring's career choices, today she's very proud of his achievements. "I have a son myself. If one day he tells me he wants to go and study Chinese violin on the other side of the world, if that makes him happy, I'll be happy too!" declares the Belgian artist.

Etienne S., humorist but not only - Le Soir

Etienne S. en spectacle
Etienne S. en spectacle

A multifaceted artist 

Etienne S divides his life between three artistic passions... Humor, music and theater.

This native of Brussels, born in 1983, trained in theater at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles (2004) and for stand-up at the Ecole Nationale de l'Humour de Montréal (2016), where he received a scholarship.

At the age of 25, he wrote his first one-man show (Prix "Coup de coeur" du jury at the Festival Kicks! in Charleroi). Since then, he has taken part in a number of festivals and won prizes in several comedy competitions.

He has been studying percussion since the age of 15, with a particular focus on West African percussion. In Montreal, he discovered a new passion for the ukulele, and learned to play it on his own. Since then, he's never left it...He's notably accompanied great artists such as Zap Mama and Karim Baggili on stage.

As a theater actor, he has collaborated with numerous companies and participated in projects of different genres. He is also a stage director, stage coach, venue manager, radio columnist and host of the Cabaret du moine stand-up evenings.

Comedian Etienne S. tells us about his atypical life choices -

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Thursday, October 17, 2024 at 8 p.m.


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